Hi Girls & Guys:

This blurb is going to be a bit unusual. I hope to acquaint my readers with the Tern’s Nest. In order to move about the site, point & click your curser over the headline home! Here you will find the log book complete with short stories (Blurbs) & pics. From there you can point & click through the entire menu! You will find a tracker that shows her position at sea or in port as this works on a satellite GPS, in addition under the heading “Wind” it will show you the wind direction and speed around the Tern and beyond. In the sub categories you will find blurbs & pics from her new life with me as her Master all archived since her first shakedown cruise beginning in 2008! To go directly to her web page click on the read more line below.

PAVITI TERN was launched in Fairhaven Massachusetts in 1938, the year of the “Great Northeast Hurricane”. Paviti is a latin word meaning to “tremble or quake”, Tern is a bird that trembles or quakes just before it dives to make its kill of the unsuspecting fish hiding below! I would not attempt to retrace her passages since her launch in 1938 at Major Casey’s Shipyard in Fairhaven. I am a relative newcomer in her life The Lord only knows of her Master’s, that have sailed her in fair weather & fowl for they are no longer with us. There is no telling how many times she has hit the bottom with her cast iron keel or how many gales she has weathered in her 78 years of voyages!

The Tern is rigged in traditional fashion throughout. Her planks are caulked in, her steering, her head & all fittings are original as well as all mast fittings, bowsprit & boomkin are 78 years old and still doing what they were built & designed to do so many years ago.

Of course her appurtenances are the latest in digital technology. Because of the advent of the digital technology, I will be able log her time with me in the web page titled, The Tern’s Nest!  In place of the traditional “Ships Log” I will use a digital format with a world wide web page pavititern.com.  This page is not about me, it is about a sailboat named PAVITI TERN and my travels onboard her.

As her Master, I am simply here during my lifetime to take you along on our passages north, south, east & west as we sail through thick fog, over high seas, under fair skies, through swamps, across lakes, through lock ups & downs, through canals, into fishing villages, into cities, under bridges, through lift bridges, far away foreign ports, near ports, island ports, out of the way cays and of course her home port The Tern’s Nest in Westport Point Massachusetts!

On her web site you can follow the pics of her restoration beginning in 1999, along with a DVD created by Ken Zeigler in 2013. In the blurb section you will find stories & pics of her passages and ports of call since her re-launch in  2008. They are all listed in categories beginning in 2008.You will meet many fascinating people along the way, some landlubbers, some Master’s of the oceans, some not, but all out there trying to get the most out of their life! Everett Poole in Menemsha on Martha’s Vineyard once told me that PAVITI TERN would be a friend maker! He surely knew what he was talking about.