Hi Girls & Guys:
This blurb is about the cranes of Norfolk VA. In all my travels to east coast ports I have yet to see more cranes or bigger cranes than in Norfolk. Even large ports like New York City can not compare to Norfolk! I have been busy sailing New England this summer but will catch up on the blurbs as the summer winds down!
Cranes, cranes, and more cranes, Norfolk has them. Cranes here come in all sizes from small to XX large and all shapes. Cranes that can do just about any task you can imagine, without them this port would come to a standstill. Without them it is hard to imagine how we could keep this port functioning. Man would find it painstakingly slow to move the millions of tons of goods in and out of the ships. Dredges have cranes, cranes on barges, cranes on ships, cranes on land to lift ships, cranes to load ships and cranes to empty ships. Cranes to move salt, sulphur, coal, munitions, food, goods and anything a ship may carry. The first time passing through Norfolk one tends to notice the big naval ships but on closer look you see the cranes standing in the background waiting to repair, load or unload these ships of their cargo.
Hope you enjoy the pics?
Ciao! For now,