Hi Girls & Guys:
The Ships of Norfolk are a lot like the cranes they are everywhere. In all my port callings on the East Coast of the USA this is by far the busiest port with the largest variety of ships, military & merchant. Though the US Navy ships are the most numerous and their repair facilities are everywhere. In every backwater creek you see ships being scrapped, ships in dry-dock, ships loading and unloading salt, sulphur, coal, and containers of just about everything.
In all my passages through Norfolk there has always been ship traffic everywhere, this year was no exception. The amazing part is you only see one small part of Norfolk as you pass through. The US Navy has its ships tucked away everywhere. This is probably to avoid another Pearl Harbor. They are in Back Creek, Hampton, Portsmouth, Newport News and every deepwater creek!
CVN (69) USS Eisenhower is a Nimitz Class nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier. Though not much lager than the USS Coral Sea, CVA (43) she carries almost two thousand more men & women. This was accomplished with replacing 28 oil fed steam boilers with one steam nuclear reactor. The old salts call these new carriers “Love Boats” because of the addition of women on the ships. I can only imagine what the new quarters are like! Our quarters consisted of 36 men sleeping in very hot sweaty quarters below the hangar deck. It was not uncommon when we were in the Gulf of Tonkin for the temp to rise to over 125 degrees in our quarters. That would make some really hot lovin!
Hope you enjoy the pics?
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PS; The Tern is resting on her mooring at the Taunton Yacht Club while I rehab my shoulder. No sailing yet, but able to sit and write a few lines for now old unposted blurbs