Hi Girls & Guys:

Wow, 2016 is upon us, my how time flies when you are having fun! I remember a quote from my college days, “IN A WORLD WHERE DEATH IS THE HUNTER, THERE IS NO TIME FOR REGRETS OR DOUBTS, ONLY TIME FOR DECISIONS”. Keeping this quote in mind I made a decision in 1999 to purchase the Cutter Patience from Bob Sanborn of Martha’s Vineyard for one dollar & other considerations! One consideration was I take him to lunch where he signed the federal document over to me! The other consideration was that I restore her. I then placed the S/V PATIENCE in trust for my grandchildren.  While I was thumbing through the box of papers on PATIENCE that Bob had given me I discovered that Bob had started rebuilding PATIENCE in 1978 finishing in 1984. He enlisted the help of Benjamin & Gannon on Martha’s Vineyard during the rebuild the work slips show he paid them $8 an hour today they get around $500 an hour! At that time I also discovered her original name when launched in 1938 at the Casey Shipyard in Fairhaven, MA She was commisioned PAVITI TERN. As the Fonz would say “the rest is history”!

This Blurb is not only the first one in 2016, it will acquaint you with my new webpage THE TERN’S NEST! Here you will be able to access archived blurbs, about the restoration, the TERN’S tracker, and subscribe or unsubscribe by simply clicking on them in the upper right hand corner. All of my email list should receive this and if any of you want to unsubscribe the subscription link is the place to do that. If you have friends that may enjoy the content of my page please direct them to the subscription link! All subscribers will be notified when a new blurb is published.

We had a great offshore sail from Lake Worth to Fort Lauderdale! Though most of my passages south were offshore this was the first time since leaving New England that I could make fresh water knowing that in a few days I will be in the keys where the salt water is clean enough to make fresh water through reverse osmosis all the time! if you do not use the water-maker for 7 days it has to be pickled so from here on out fresh water will be made onboard the Tern.

Fort Lauderdale is one of those places where the super rich live in harmony with large cruise ships, working ships as well as small cruising vessels like the Tern. Everyone is welcome here and the beaches are wonderful. Pics were taken in Fort Lauderdale where there is not much to tell but a lot of picture taking opportunities. Future planned passages include Miami, Key West, Bahama’s and Cuba!

I hope you enjoy the pics and continue to follow the Tern as she travels the world.

Ciao! For now,