Hi Girls & Guys:

It’s hard to believe it was seven years ago the Tern & I spent most of our winter in Boca Chica! The roar of the jet fighters & the smell of JP fuel hangs heavy in the air as the F-18 Hornets practice takeoff & landings! The noise & smell bring back memories of working on the flight deck of the USS Coral Sea, some 50 years ago!

The first big change I noticed is the female pilots flying the F-18 Hornets. My first day back I met this affable young lady in the Navigator Lounge. She was dressed in her flight suit getting a quick lunch to go! At first i thought she was support or back seat but when I engaged her in conversation I learned she was not only a pilot but a flight instructor! My how things have changed since my days as a plane captain in Attack Squadron VA-155, 1961 to 1965.

My blurbs have undergone a big change also, not in the way they are written but with the advent of the Tern’s new website (The tern’s Nest)! Now on the site you will be able to read the first blurb that was written in 2009, when I had only 10 or 12 readers! All subsequent blurbs are listed under categories by year, you can view all the thousands of pics attached to the blurbs, make comments, you can view the restoration process, view DVD’s and you can track the Tern as she travels the oceans. In addition we have added wind grib files for the world. It will take a few weeks to upload all the past blurbs & pics so please bear with us! Visit often to get the latest old blurbs

I do hope you enjoy the new site?

Ciao! For now,