Hi Girls & Guys:
The city of Nassau like it’s lighthouse is in need of repair! You would think with the billions of dolls in yachts in Nassau the city would have money for repair of their crumbling infrastructure, but like here in the US the money just disappears into the big money pit with little to none trickling down to repair this crumbling city!
Our return to Nassau was like an old time home coming for Easter, but was bitter sweet to say the least! The last few years the Tern & I have spent Easter in the Bahamas though this is our first Easter in Nassau. The big city (biggest in the Bahamas) is geared to the tourist ships and today the mega yachts! The ships arrive daily, anywhere from four to six carrying around five thousand tourists each in their bellies! Nassau is the only port I know of where you have to check in & out with Port Control. There was a time when everything depended on this revolving door of 30 thousand people today being replaced by 30 thousand more tomorrow. After the big so-called recession in the United States this city is inundated with hundreds of super large cruising motor yachts (stink pots) landing in Nassau. It is not unusual to see 200′ motor yachts tied to a dock and that’s the ones you can see! Where I set the Tern’s anchor near Bay Street Marina which was not here the first time I anchored the Tern in Nassau. As a matter of fact the first time I set the Tern’s anchor here is right where an 80 foot stink pot is tied to a pier! Slowly but surely money takes over! My first visit to Nassau was in the mid 70’s was on a large power yacht (M/V Muscavado)! Back then there were only a few large boats and they were on their way to Columbia for a pot run, not vacationing like the yachts of today! Nassau was a favorite stopover leaving out the back door, through the Turks & Cacio’s for the coast of Columbia, then return to Bimini Bahama’s to offload the pot on cigarette boats bound for USA! Of course this was a pirate haven a couple hundred years ago, a place and time that Jimmy Buffet sings about. Most of the architecture is Spanish reflecting the dominance of the Spaniards in this part of the world.

Nassau is home to a large conch fleet and a substantial fishing fleet as well. It has always amazed me how the fishing village maintains an active presence among the million dollar yachts & cruise ships. Admittedly the yachts are gaining ground on Potter’s Cay but the fisherman still in command of the right to work in this now mega rich port. According to my fishermen friends here, the city does everything it can to put these nasty fisherman shanties out of business! Fortunately here unlike the US the water gets flushed by the Gulf Stream on one side and the North Atlantic Ocean on the other! It brings to mind the last fisherman’s shanty in Edgartown sold for over 3 million dollars! On Martha’s Vineyard in Menemsha  the only town to protect fishermen, where they preserved the fisherman’s right to fish they provide city water, electricity etc so the fisherman has a place to land, sell his ice cold fish product, here they provide no water, electricity, sanitary facilities in order to discourage the shanty owners from selling their products! In spite of this these hearty Bahamian fishermen not only survive but flourish landing huge amounts of Conch & fish. The fresh deep or pan fried snapper is to die for, so sweet and deep fried or pan fried to perfection. Due to the cities lack of services these innovative people provide plastic everything but the view from this waterfront dining is spectacular! For sanitary facilities they have 5 gallon buckets for your waste. Kinda reminds me of my years fishing with my Laura whose head consisted of a 5 gallon bucket. I would hate to get caught with one of those by the “shit police” in Florida, it would be at least a hundred dollar fine, but of course they have to catch you in the act which is highly unlikely to happen. It tends to make me bitter knowing what lies in the future of these wonderfully simple fishermen once the government decides to “Help Them”. I can hear it now “Hi I am from the government I am here to help you”, with these few words the National Marine Fisheries was born and the fishing ended in the United States. Today what little fish are landed is done by large corporate boats, the little single handed commercial fisherman is a thing of the past!

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