Hi Girls & Guys:

Thousands of nautical miles have passed under the Tern’s keel since my last blurb, spring is almost over, with a winter that never was for some of you as well as a wonderful winter sailing the Florida Keys and the Bahamian Cays for me & the Tern! This blurb is a picture blurb in that I am going to let the pics, speak a thousand words for me because at this time I am in New England rehabbing my shoulder and back, while the Tern waits patiently, for my return while tied to a dock in Oriental, NC. I will have a blurb out soon on the Passage From Hell, as soon as I can sit and write it! For now the pics will have to tell the story!  All the pics were taken by Chris Snow onboard the S/V Escape out of Marblehead, MA., while we were buddy boating in the Abaco’s. He is a friend and a co-developer of the Tern’s Nest.

Hope you enjoy the pics

Ciao! For now,