Mike & Jenny

Visitors at Boot Key

Hi Girls & Guys: No water has passed under the keel of the Tern since my last e-mail except for the ebb & flow of the tide here in Boot Key Florida! Since our arrival here in Boot Key it has been days filled with sunshine, swimming, playing chef for my friend Ray and catching up on ice cold Corona Lites! Speaking of cooking today Sat. is Ham & Bean day for the Frenchmen. Me being half French I decided to cook Ham & Bean for Mr. Ray Guertin and myself using the recipe from cousin Dave in Wanchese.
Locking Up

Busted & Locked Up on the Okechobee

The trip across Lake Okeechobee was uneventful except for being stopped by the police and being locked up! The Tern and I were locked up 14 feet to the St. Lucie Canal. There is a series of four locks leading into the lake and out of the lake. The first lock is the St. Lucie lock which raised the Tern 14 feet into the St.Lucie Canal! The 2nd lock going into Lake Okeechobee was open to the lake as the water in the lake was quite high. We started the trip across Florida from Manatee pocket in St. Lucie. The homes on both sides of the waterway ran the gambit from multi million homes on the water to trailers. In addition there were quite a few abandoned dreams (boats) along the route. Farmers grow tremendous amounts of oranges on both waterways utilizing the available water in the ditches to irrigate the trees.