Off to the Party

S/V Topaz

Hi Girls & Guys: This leg of the Tern Travels is about a short sail alongside the S/V Deuxieme Chance (2nd chance) of 15 statue miles from Manatee Pocket FL to a rendezvous with the S/V Topaz in Hobe Sound. Ray Guertin of the Deuxieme Chance and the Tern had a reunion in Manatee Pocket a couple of days earlier! Ray had left the Westport River in November with a mutual friend Tom Aitken. They sailed offshore from Westport River to Norfolk via Annapolis! Once in Annapolis Tom left and Ray has gone single handed since! This is the same Tom that sailed on the Tern with me from Annapolis to Wanchese!
S/V Cinnabar

Last Sail with S/V Cinnabar

The Tern is getting ready to leave Key West for Marcos Island on the west coast of Florida. We will make a short stop on Marcos Island to pay a visit to one of the owners of F. L. Tripp & Sons in Westport, Bill Tripp! Seven years ago Sailboat Joe advised me to talk with Carl Tripp at Tripps about rebuilding the Tern there in Westport Point and he said yes but I would have to talk with his uncle Bill. Well the rest is history! I can assure you without the OK from Bill and the help from the entire crew at F L Tripp I would not be here in Key West enjoying endless sunsets and warm breezes.
Edgar calling taxi

Merrit Island to West Palm

This leg of our travels took a few twists and turns as we meandered down the intracoastal waterway. The Tern and I have been resting in Key West for a couple of weeks soaking up the sea rays and swimming daily. Tomorow we are sailing up to Boot Key to visit friends Jimmy & Renee on the S/V Diapensia. When I return to Boca Chica I am going to take in the sights of Key West as I have not yet been into town!
Sky Black with Birds

Goodbye Chesapeake City, Hello Annapolis!

Left Chesapeake City at 0700 hours, arrived Annopolis 1500 hours. Woke up in the morning to a weird sound of tens of thousands of birds flying south, I grabbed my camera but only got one faraway pic. If you look at the pic titled birds you can see what looks like black clouds on the horizon well those clouds are birds and they stretched as far as the eye could see...
JFK Aircraft Carrier being scrapped

Goodbye Norfolk

Yesterday friends Cynthia & Teddy on the SV Topaz departed Norfolk in a light nw breeze. Arrived in Coinjock NC at sunset. This morning we are expected to get some snow and heavy winds from the nw. Paviti Tern is doubled reefed mainsail and a reef in her staysail. Will depart Coinjock for Beaufort NC this am. More later!
Big Boy

Arrival Chesapeake City

Left Cape May at sunrise headed for Annapolis to meet "Half A Day Ray" AKA Rayster! The trip was uneventfull with the exception of I got sick as a dog from eating old bread. Passed numerous ships and bridges. When I arrived in Chesapeake City on the C & D canal, I crashed and did not get up until this afternoon. I took many pics in between puking and the runs. Feel better today and will be heading out in the morning to Annopolis.
Chesapeake Bay bridge12jpg[1]

Annapolis to Sandy Point VA

Left Annapolis early this morning. Motorsailed with the Italian flag flying averaged 6/1/2 knots. Anchored in Sandy Point VA, hope to catch up with "Half a Day Ray" on the Dream On and Lars and Inger on the Cinnabar tomorow in Norfolk!
Sunset in the Cay's

Phone #'s Lost, West Palm to Key West

Well the trip from West Palm to Key West was uneventful except for a gale of wind off of Miami which blew the Tern into Miami. The wind was from the North which made travel in the Gulf Stream impossible so we went inside where the brisk winds carried us to Key West in record time. The most notable event of the entire trip was when we were heading back outside at Long Key when Dolphins started leaping in the air on the starboard side of the Tern. I rushed below and managed to capture thier leaps on camera! Upon arrival in Key West I have been catching up on rest and enjoying the endless sunny days. It has rained only once since we arrived...
Sunset Cape May NJ21

Arrival Cape May 2009

Getting warmer every day! 70 degrees inside boat tonight! No stove needed! Left Atlantic City under full sail wind died and motored to Cape May under bare poles! With the beautiful sunset today, tomorrow should be a great passage up the Deleware Bay to Baltimore! Here we are already into November, me clad in a tee shirt sailing up the Delaware River with warmer climes ahead.