going by the Tern

Summer Sailing Martha's Vineyard

Well the summer that never was is over and the Tern and I are ready to fly to Texas for what is hoped to be a memorable reunion with cousins some that I have not seen since my honeymoon in 1962. Last week my friend Ray (Rayster)and I left the Westport river for Atlantic City only to hit a strong southwest wind of Montauk NY. Southwest was the direction we were heading so it was a no brainer to take the quartering wind into Block Island RI. The Tern and I are back in the river and hoping for a weather window this Thursday to take us to Atlantic City which will be the first leg of our trip to Texas. Ray had previous commitments so it will be the Tern and I as usual!

Fickle Fingers of Fate

Well the Tern & I have settled into summer sailing in New England. We arrived at our summer home at the Newport Navy base the first day of summer. I rested a couple of days, reunited with my grand children and visited my two great grand children, Colby 3 years old and Nathan 2 months old. Then provisioned the Tern and headed out to the Vineyard to reunite with my old friend Edgar! Some of you may remember the last time Edgar was aboard the Tern the County Sherriff in Florida gave him a ride ashore. This time was much different as he did not come aboard the Tern and we spent the day at his house commiserating on the old island days and tasting his version of Bathtub Gin! It sure had a punch and along with the Rum, I failed to get back to the Tern before the harbormaster went home which meant I could not pay him for the two days mooring. No southern hospitality here moorings are $30 a night which does not fit in my budget! Oh well I will try & catch him next time I am in Oak Bluffs!