S/V Trahlyta

Hi Girls & Guys: When the Tern & I arrived in Bimini we picked up a buddy boat, the S/V Trahlyta! Captain Steve and Admiral Jane had sailed the 40 foot boat from Tarpon Springs FL after only three sailing lessons. So if any of you get the feeling you want to go sailing this is a model couple! They are both retired nurses with very little sailing experience but a lot of will power! Having them along during the trip across was a godsend. There is a lot of traffic on the bank!
Staniel Cay Yacht Club

Staniel Cay Exhumas

Hi Girls & Guys: I can only imagine what Christopher Columbus thought when he made landfall in the what he called the "new world" now called the Exumas. Since his time the Caribes (cannibals) have eaten all the Lucayn indians and the present Bahamians' are a mixture of Cuban, Caribes, Lucayans, Spanish ex patriots etc. The Canadians are becoming a bit stronger influence so many of them come here for the winter and stay! The first you notice in the Exuma's is the colors of the water, deep blue in deep water to almost white in the sand shoals! It is so awesome sailing the banks watching the deep black coral heads go racing past...