Terns Nest

Hi Girls & Guys: The Tern & I arrived in the Westport River just in time for the fourth of July. The passage from Block Island RI to the mid channel marker for the Westport River is approximately 30 nautical miles. Hi We left The Great Salt Pond, Block Island RI at 1000 hours right at the change of the tide! Back in the days of commercial fishing we always let with the tide in that way we would start our trip with god on our side. Wherever I go on the water I want the big guy or girl on my side! With proper planning of the currents & fair winds a reasonable passage is about 6 hours! A warm southerly wind began on the change of the water (tide).

Thanksgiving 2011

As most of you know this blurb is coming to you from the hard and not the hard in St. Marys GA. but the hard in Westport MA.. This is not where the Tern & I want to be for Thanksgiving but it is our lot for this winter. Both the Tern & I are in need of some upgrading and routine maintenance. It is going to be a difficult winter but I will break out the ice skates and bicycle to help with the long dreary cold days.