Annapolis #2 2014

I know that by now most of you have figured out the earth is flat and Paviti Tern sailed off the edge! Well that is not the case yet but that could happen any day now LOL. I must apologize for the extended hiatus. Things have been a little hectic with the discovery a toredo navilis worm infestation in the Tern's shaft log! I discovered these critters three years ago while hauled out in New Bedford to fix a rudder problem. I thought they were dead after poisoning, but when I short hauled in preparation for our passage south this fall I discovered they had returned. Actually they never left they just went dormant after poisoning and now they are back with a vengeance. This time I Googled them only to find out the only sure way to kill them is to dry the boat out for a minimum of 8 weeks. I took them on a vacation to Marthas Vineyard. My thinking was everyone, even a worm needs a vacation before they die!

My Cuz & The Bahimian Marines II

A lot of water has passed under the Tern's keel since my last blurb! Heck it is almost time to head south for the winter and there is much work to be done to prepare the Tern for passages south! This is by far the hardest blurb to write in trying to get you readers to understand the look on my Cuz's face!

Repel All Boarders

Hi Girls & Guys: As most of my longtime readers know from seeing pics of my flags flying I practice due diligence when it comes to flying flags and my yacht club burgee. This started for me as an 18 year old in Uncle Sam's Navy.