Spanish Wells

Hi Girls & Guys: Spanish Wells is a fishing community and there is no port in the Bahama's where I feel more at home! The people here bustle about in golf carts & cars in a surprisingly quick way always on the wrong side of the road. The houses, streets are very clean and neat! There is a tremendous amount of money here yet I have not seen a policeman. These fishermen go out for three to six weeks and bring back a stock of lobster worth a half a million dollars per trip! Every male on this island has fished or is fishing for a living! If they would let me I would move here in a heartbeat! This tiny island provides 75% of the lobster in the entire world. This is not the northern lobster (homarus americanus) but the southern one that eats algae not meat like the northern one! Quite a feat for such a tiny place! When I say tiny I mean tiny, you can walk the entire island in an hour or so! The work ethic here reminds me of my 40 years fishing but with a big difference these fishermen here have been building artificial reefs for many many years and now their fishery is recognized as self sustaining! Not like here in the States where all fishing rights are owned by large corporations! There only concern to sustainability is poachers coming into their waters and harvesting the lobster in the off season when the lobsters are breeding! To remedy the situation they build new reefs and move the old ones to a new spots during the breeding season! Each boat has built thousands of these lobster condominiums! By doing this they have boats constantly in the area which helps keep the poachers at bay! My friend and web developer found a civilian satellite company that may be able to provide security using satellite surveillance! These poachers come in the waters with 200 foot ships and launch small boats to do the poaching!

Sailing the Abaco's with S/V ESCAPE

Hi Girls & Guys: Thousands of nautical miles have passed under the Tern's keel since my last blurb, spring is almost over, with a winter that never was for some of you as well as a wonderful winter sailing the Florida Keys and the Bahamian Cays for me & the Tern! This blurb is a picture blurb in that I am going to let the pics, speak a thousand words for me because at this time I am in New England rehabbing my shoulder and back, while the Tern waits patiently, for my return while tied to a dock in Oriental, NC. I will have a blurb out soon on the Passage From Hell, as soon as I can sit and write it! For now the pics will have to tell the story! All the pics were taken by Chris Snow onboard the S/V Escape out of Marblehead, MA., while we were buddy boating in the Abaco's. He is a friend and a co-developer of the Tern's Nest. Hope you enjoy the pics Ciao! For now, Mike
Nassau Light

Return to Nassau, Bahama's

Hi Girls & Guys: The city of Nassau like it's lighthouse is in need of repair! You would think with the billions of dolls in yachts in Nassau the city would have money for repair of their crumbling infrastructure, but like here in the US the money just disappears into the big money pit with little to none trickling down to repair this crumbling city!