Lone Visitor

Passage To & From Hell

Hi Girls & Guys: Passages on the Gulf Stream are always special. The stream is a very unique place that very few people on the planet get to visit. I feel gifted to have traveled this world of deep blue water many times, beginning in June of 1976 as Master of the M/V Muscavado bringing in a couple of tons of Colombian weed! While it has always been the same stream it has always been a different passage. With the Muscavado it was a close encounter with the Coast Guard Cutter Vigorous, on a passage north a few years back with my fisherman friend Frog Tillet, the wind was blowing the snot out of our nose, creating big beautiful waves for the Tern to surf on! All was fine on that passage until the auto pilot broke 60 miles offshore, it was a long night and I was ever thankful that Frog was aboard! This beautiful place with spectacular sunrises and sunsets can become a place of horror with a simple change of wind. It is hard to imagine being in heaven and hell at the same time but that is what happened on this "Passage From Heaven Into Hell.