Restoration of Paviti Tern a Classic Cutter

PAVITI TERN was commissioned in 1938 the year of the Great Hurricane at the Casey Boat Building Co. Union Wharf, Fairhaven Massachusetts.

Major Casey was a bit of a pirate and a good friend of John Alden. The Casey yard built thousands of Yachts, Motor Yachts & Fishing Vessels he was undoubtedly the most prolific builder of his time at least in New England. Tragically the yard burnt to the ground and all records were lost. Thanks to my friend Ken Zeigler of Manatee Pocket I am able to put the specifications on this page! As life has it’s strange twists and turns I met Ken in Manatee Pocket shortly after his wife’s passing. He was a proud owner of a 1936 Casey Cutter identical to PAVITI TERN except she was built in 1936. He no longer had PATIENCE but he did have all the builders plans for the hull, rigging and sail plans!

When Major Casey liked a design he would simply knock them off and produce them under his name, eliminating the designers fees! In the end it cost him his friendship with Alden and no more commissions from Alden.

The Tern was built as a Marconi Cutter which is listed as his (Alden’s) standard 30 foot hull rigged as a triple headed cutter with permanent backstay. His brouchure touts this rig as extremely easy to handle and the most efficient for the hull. I can attest to the fact that this rig is very versatile to set sails to handle all weather conditions! Casey also built this hull rigged as a yawl or ketch, marconi or gaffed. In addition he rigged them as a motor sailer without a bowsprit or boomkin but with a big 4 cylinder 40 HP Gray marine whereas the other rigs with more sail area were delivered with a 4 cylinder 28 HP Lycombe engine! When I got the sales brochure and builders plans from Ken I learned PAVITI TERN had originally started her life as a motor sailer as I had removed a 40HP Gray Marine engine from her!